Stay True Office Manager & Owner of Clean Slate Laser Studio


At the centre of our shop is Casi, she is the brains of the operations and she runs a tight ship! Her extensive history in Food Services has translated perfectly to Tattoo industry; meticulous about cleanliness, scheduling and communications, she keeps us on track while always being friendly and compassionate about the needs of our clients. From bashful newcomers to heavily decorated veterans, Casi’s sympathetic ear and friendly smile calms nerves while discussing exciting plans for future pieces.

Ever-organized and thorough, she also makes sure that we stay on top of our appointments and upcoming events while making sure our ship stays on course and afloat. As well, her attention to detail ensures that our clients can always expect a clean and tidy environment.

Casi is an essential part of the Stay True family, and she has recently begun to expand her own business that goes hand-in-hand with the Tattoo industry. She has completed her training in Advanced Medical Aesthetics and Laser Technician program with an additional certification in Laser Tattoo Removal. She is now offering various services to help people "Clean the Slate".

Clean Slate Laser Studio