Tattoo Artist


I have been drawing since I was young. When I came to the realization that art was going to be my forever, I dedicated myself to expand my art education and my skills. Like most things, in the beginning, what I lacked was direction. In high school, I had raw concept and execution. By the time I finished college, I had the know how to harness my ideas and was excited to apply myself to the next step, wherever it might land me.

I have dabbled in various avenues such as marketing, advertising, logo design, painting, classical animation, concept design, digital ink and paint, and even tried culinary for a spell. All those helped me advance to the next step.

Eventually, I landed an apprenticeship in December of 2010 at Black Heart Body Arts in beautiful Maple Ridge, BC. I learned a tremendous amount about the industry, and subsequently a lot about business. I have to thank Vanessa McNaughton, Clay Welti and Cory McChicken, for their time and patience

In 2012, I returned to Ontario and met Rich Lambe. Already having a basic idea of fundamentals but in need of further instruction of the craft, he took me under his wing. He gave me the guidance that only a mentor can and as time rolled on my skills got stronger and progress started to show.

Since then I have developed a passion for learning, I believe I will never cease to grow. I may have graduated from apprentice to artist, but I still have so much more to soak up

I love tattooing. I have a flare for fun and cute animals as well as stylized, crazy, pin-up ladies.

I continue to enjoy sketching, drawing, painting and building visualized concepts that my clients bring to me. I am ever inspired by the bright, bold and bizarre work of Joe Capobianco, Tony Ciavarro, and Jamie Hewlett.