Tattoo Artist


Hailing from Cambridge Ontario, I made my way to London Ontario after high school to enroll in Graphic Design at Fanshawe College. After completing the second year of my program I decided to move on and explore other artistic career options.

Over the next couple of years I tried a few different things and worked with different mediums, but in the end I was always drawn back to Tattoos and the Tattoo culture. It took years but I finally figured out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, Tattoo. I approached my tattoo artist at the time Mr. Richard Lambe, and seeing my drive for the craft he took me on. In March of 2007 I started as an apprentice at Lucky Devil Tattoos in London, Ont. After a year or so of watching the artists, learning proper procedures to keep myself and my clients safe, cleaning the shop, setting up and tearing down, running errands and just general shop help I was giving the opportunity to finally pick up a machine and start tattooing my close friends.

I then spent the next 8 months tattooing as much as I could trying to soak up as much information and technique that I could. At this point I had finished my apprenticeship and was now a full-fledged Tattoo Artist. After spending the next few years working for a couple different shops, it was in February of 2014 that I came full circle and started working with Rich Lambe again in his shop in St. Thomas, along side of some great artists Jason Boldt and Kate Kurst.

I have spent my time in the industry really concentrating on more of a traditional/neo-traditional tattoo style. I really enjoy doing tattoos with a lot of varying line weights and bright bold colours. I really enjoy doing custom script and lettering with my own flair that isn’t your typical computer font. I also do black and gray tattoos, along with cover-ups, re-dos, and almost anything that doesn’t fall into photo-realism or portraits. Feel free to check out my portfolio and if you are interested in maybe setting something up with me, call the shop or better yet come on down!