Tattoo Artist & Shop Owner


Back in the summer of '78, Richard was a fine young lad learning to develop his art skills by drawing portraits of his family on the walls of his home. By grade one, his art skills had advanced far enough to draw himself as a giant protecting his family from a wolf pack. By grade 6 he was still a skinny little nerd, forced to do other kids' art projects (or risk getting beat up.) He spent his hazy teenage years drawing dragons and various other mythical creatures, drawing comic books for his friends, and skateboarding.

He started tattooing at the tender young age of 17, not knowing a thing about it. He spent the next 6 years not knowing he would become a tattoo artist, just enjoying the art. Twelve years ago, Bonnie at Lucky Devil Tattoo in London, ON gave him a chance, and it was during that time he truly fell in love with tattooing. Rich's influences include - but are not limited to - Sailor Jerry Swallow, Mike Austin, Jay Hess and Derek Lewis Ghost Rider. Rich loves to do old school traditional and realism, but loves the art of tattooing in general and does not limit himself to one style. He has now been tattooing for 16 years and will keep going until his hands fall off.